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T-TENNIS quiz set 2023-12-20 11:40, flag admin
There may be the opportunity to test your knowledge
about tennis in Australia, France, UK, USA.

Take part in our paid tennis webtester: possibly
the best may be selected for trips to
Grand Slams...

Trial football | soccer web tester quiz:

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Sponsor queue 2023-12-19 16:58, flag admin
All team and worldwide are taken at the moment.
Please apply to become a regional or country
sponsor at this link: Sponsorship
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Limited Edition 2022-12-22 13:15, flag admin
Up to 1024 players from your country purchase with
credit or debet card the T-TENNIS online
webtester quiz at the this link:
Australian Open

Policy requires each player to use his/her own
card to purchase: a team may
be disqualified.

They follow the instructions in the file and
our T-TENNIS webtester team publish
the results & winning team.

T-GLOBAL reserves the right to select
winners for the trip to Australia:
many correct results...
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T-TENNIS Slam 2019-12-22 08:34, flag admin
A country with the same players to win all four (4)
Grand Slams is called the "T-TENNIS Slam":
ultimate goal...

Information is publish for each slam:

Jan: Australian
May: France
Jun: England
Aug: USA

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Upcoming matches
2024-01-20 17:00 | DK vs DE
2024-01-20 18:00 | AR vs AU
2024-01-20 18:00 | BR vs CN
2024-01-20 18:00 | IN vs JP
2024-01-20 18:00 | RU vs ZA
2024-01-20 18:00 | ES vs SE
2024-01-20 18:00 | CH vs UK
2024-01-20 18:00 | US vs BE
2024-01-22 08:00 | AT vs CZ
2024-01-22 08:00 | BG vs GR
2024-01-22 08:00 | BY vs HU
2024-01-22 08:00 | CA vs IE
2024-01-22 09:00 | CL vs IT
2024-01-22 09:00 | KR vs MX
2024-01-22 09:00 | NL vs PL
2024-01-22 09:00 | PT vs RS
Is Coco Gauff going to win the 2024 Australian Open?
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Is Holger Rune going to win the 2024 Australian Open?
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