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1. Intro to Rules | Manual: this manual is designed to help you host your tournament & league at many
levels: my, local, regional, national, international based on T-FOOTBALL in many sizes fx
online web testing, boardgame, mini kit, small kit and large kit.
Order online now.

Online web testing is for free: you may signup now, register your friends, family members or
workmates, then do the web testing together to see their score and lastly
you register their score here.

We wish you good luck!!!

2. Sanctioning | Planning & Organizing: playing rules are sanctioned generally each season and minor
changes is up to you as a manager with your staff. Every player | team must leave home
knowing the ground rules beforehand, so consistency is key for all parties.

Dates and venues are important for your players & teams. Referees on your staff are important
for fairness. When hosting a "big" league or tournament be sure to assign
responsibility for: medals, posters plus more...

Regardless how large or small your tournament | league, many items must be under control
by your staff | volunteers. Hold regular & emergency meetings. Establish goals to
accomplish and book venues such as bars, town squares, shopping centers,
parks in good time even a year in advance! Get as
much lead-time as possible...

It is advisable to start small possibly with 16 players | teams. Also rest between
games. Entry fee should cover all expenses, so fundraising or
sponsor provides a profit!

3. Communicating, Publicity and Media: use the phone | email before, during and after your tournament.
Send an information kit to all your players | teams, that includes for example:

a. Players | Teams registered
b. Tournament rules
c. Transportation

4. People: Individuals/committees responsibilites! In order to host a tournament | league more than
one person is needed to fill positions.

I. Local Event Coordinator appoints/coordinates a team of Site Supervisors plus help and
advise how to setup and run leagues & tournaments.

II. Site Supervisor ensures that all games are ready to go on time: ensures all
teams | players have completed the registraton process, ensure clear
facility such as washrooms, schedules minor site staff such as:
game- plus scorekeepers, troubleshooters,
hostess, announcer.

Also this individual arrange for all supplies for tables, extra game sheets,
referees' payment, first aid kit, prices for the winners,
pens, scoreboards +++

III. Site Referee schedule, coordinate and conduct official meetings
for other referees and minor site staff: game- plus scorekeepers
and troubleshooters. Some tasks for the Site Referee are:

Contact referees and minor staff to determine their availability
Send list of referees/minor staff to Local Event Coordinator

5. Meetings & Presentations: it is important to establish regular meetings to discuss issue of your
tournament | league. Items of discussion should center on what needs to be done,
what is done, and any follow up action required. Brainstorm to list all items
you wish to control, write short reports so everyone knows
what to expect: documentation.

Do pre-tournament | league meetings to ensure everuthing is progressing: recap meetings
during the tournament | league helps you makes changes if necessary. Wrapup meetings
with the staff to ensure an evaluation to use for your next tournament | league.

6. Invitatition and letter of Acceptance | Rejection: this should be sent in good time to your
players | teams, so there is time for fundraising | sponsors, arranging accommodations,
planning transportation... Some points included in your letter of invitation:

I. Date of tournament | league, you can use our platform perhap
II. Garantee of how many games || entry fee || refund policy
III. Venues: bars, town squares, shopping centres...
IIII. Final date for entry | date of acceptance

7. Facility and Checklist: the first order of business is to reserve time on site and other facilities
needed to run a successful tournament | league. Site Supervisors must be named for each
site (bars, town squares, shopping centres, parks...) in advance. The Site Supervisor in
charge should check, do or make available things such as:

Consider getting the logo of your tournament at or near a central location
Well-functioning of phones & other communication equipments
Have refreshment booth well stocked and open at all games
Have a copy of venue approval | give staff game schedule
Reposition tables or chairs, test play, adequate seats...

8. Competition Program, Souvenirs, Scoreboards: a program for your tournament | league
can be sold or given away, whether a single sheet or a glossy fully sponsored booklet,
it is is your main communication vehicle. Your progam should contain a master
schedule of time, rules, appropriate maps, emergency numbers etc.

Selling ads space may cover the cost of the program, however think about the editorial
aspect, the production (color | black & white, format, number of pages) and then
advertising! The last element is deciding whether to sell vs give away.

Participants like to purchase souvenirs such as pins, shirts etc. Train anyone who will
be posting scores so it is done correctly and consistly from venue to venue.

9. Concessions, First Aid, Opening Ceremonies and Hospitality: if food is none availabe already,
arrange something for example barbecue, sandwiches... Is it necessary to supply first aid
items such as band aids, ice packs or does the venue supply them?

Invite dignitaries to make short speech, possibly the Mayor or someone from the sponsoring
organisation. Some big tournament | league may wish to have a hospitality night, usually
Friday or Saturday. Keep in mind your staff, they will greatly appreciate a
hospitality room with drinks, coffee, fruits, sandwiches...

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