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Players limit: 48
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
Henrik Hjorth in the big apple

Mr. Hjorth from New York has the information you need to run
your own Online web testing quiz for friends, family or
workmates in the United States of America:
Upcoming match 1, 2, 3... is used.

If he is not completely sure of the details for your competition,
you are welcome to post a question the support team
at the link below.

The basic quick steps for great success with your competition
in the US goes like this:

Register for an account, confirm the email in your mailbox
and add a team with players.

Each team has one or more players and each team leader
has to sign in with name and email for each match
containing 6 questions to begin.

League owner normally writes match description:
location, photos...

We may send you additional information to run your first
sports online quiz competition for your friends,
family and colleagues!!!

It is up to you to charge your players a lille fee
or let them play for free: up to you.

Henrik can even help you get a fancy place
for your players to sit and do the online
competition: for example Persons
School of Design in New York.

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